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Organic Garden Planter / Bench | TherMod Contessa

Majestic Contessa is the planter of choice for bigger gardens and patios. Contessa is also our #1 selling model to commercial customers, for public seating/waiting areas. Large plants and flowers look good on Contessa, giving contrast to the rich cherry toned color.This model can also be set up as Garden Bed without the bottom boards. This allows building one of the sections around existing tree of a bigger plant. Like all TherMod planter sets, Contessa is made fron Thermally Modified Wood, with a life span of 25 or more years. In high temperature Thermal modification process, all sugards and nutrients are "cooked" and there is nothing left for mold, rot or decay to feast. TherMod planters can be assembled in mere minutes. The modular design can be combined onto sets and seating areas by adding benches and other accessories. 

    • Material: Thermally modified wood
    • Life span: 25 years or more
    • No chemicals. Safe for organic growing
    • Dimensions: 127 inches long x 22 inches wide x 20 inches high
    • Reversible surface - use flat of grooved side of each board to face outwards
    • Color/finish: cherry tone
    • Maintenance: we recommend a coat of stain if left under direct sunlight. UV rays cause gradual fading to lighter wood color.   


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