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Chloe Cabin Kit: by Melissa O. on 1/11/23:  We adore our guest cabin. It was easy to assemble. The company was great to work with and it was a great investment for us!

Estelle 4 Cabin Kit: by Matthew K. on 12/21/22: Everything about my experience was great. The delivery driver was amazing, the cabin directions were complete, not a single screw was missing. The quality is excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to either recommend or order another one.

Claudia Cabin Kit: by Chris on 12/18/2022: We were absolutely thrilled with the Claudia cabin we purchased from Allwood Outlet.  The wood is beautiful and the milled parts went together smoothly.  I must admit, it was a bit daunting when the kit first arrived, but after you sort the parts and begin assembly the pile goes down rather quickly. Again, the parts fit together very well, just be absolutely certain that you are building on a level surface and that your first layer of "logs" is absolutely, completely, 100% even and square.  You can not be off even a part of an inch!  We choose to add the three additional layers of siding logs, and since it is just essentially decorative, we choose not to install the gable on our Claudia cottage.  The lack of a gable gives the cottage a completely different look.  You do need to add a rain diverter to accomplish what the gable would otherwise do. The additional layers of siding made the cabin a little more of a challenge to build when we got to the top, especially when we had to add the purlins, but the final result was worth it.  The added height gives the interior of the cabin an amazing vaulted ceiling, and a very open feeling.  My husband and I built this ourselves, and we are both over 60.  We did not require any special tools other than was is called for in the instructions.  Don't tell yourself you can't build this!  You can do it!  The purlins at the top were a bit of a challenge, but the rest was actually fun.  Don't rush yourself.  It took us about three days to get the frame including sides, windows, doors, and purlins assembled.. A bit longer to install the roof sheathing, and flooring, and a bit longer still to add an additional layer of plywood to the roof and the tar paper and shingles.  All in all it took the two of us about three weeks to complete the building.  Robin of Allwood was great to work with.  She kept us up to date with the timeline from the buildings shipment to its arrival.  She was very helpful when we had a question regarding a part of the construction, that was not completely clear to us in the manual.  Considering the size of the project, all went smoothly and we are absolutely thrilled with the result!

400 Sqft V-Groove: by Brent O. on 12/17/22: I always spend a ton of time reading reviews, before making a major purchase.  I read review after review. So when I started looking for some custom wood products for my ranch, I came across Allwood.  There were several other options, but Allwood had the best reviews.  I am completely satisfied with my purchase, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Allwood to anyone looking for an easy to assemble cabin.  These products are a significant investment that you have to buy sight unseen, so I wouldn't trust anyone else! Definitely five stars!

Bonaire Cabin Kit: by Dana B. on 12/16/22: The Allwood Bonaire cabin kit was even better than I expected. When we encountered challenges customer service was there to help us through. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

Claudia Cabin Kit: by Craig P. on 12/08/22: The garden house assembled beautifully - - no other word to describe it.  The precision of the milling and quality of materials is a real delight. I really appreciate your help and support throughout this process, from the pre-sale to now, as you have been wonderful to work with all along. I would like to extend my thanks and compliment the customer experience you have provided me. 


Arlanda XXL Cabin Kit: by Tiffany on 11/26/22: I love my XXL Arlanda. It was challenging being a gals gal working so hard. I learned how to use a nail gun and miter saw! It was all worth it in the end!! I can't wait to post the pictures. I'm in the final designing phase and will post ASAP. Can't wait show you all how cool and cute it's coming out. Oh & working with Allwood has been a delight from start to finish. Thanks Robin for all your support.

Premium Reversible Pine Wainscot Dealer Pack 1792 sqf: by Terra on 11/17/22: I love the product and the Owner helped us out with a problem now that is great business. Thank you Robin for all you have helped with. A+A+A+

Claudia Cabin Kit & Gazebo: by Mark on 11/10/22: It has been a pleasure working with Allwood and Robin. I purchased The Claudia and a Gazebo from Allwood and built both building over the course of 3 weekends.  Even having a few issues with the Gazebo, Allwood stood by their products and made things right.


Dreamcatcher Cabin Kit: by Frank and Cynthia on 11/03/22: We are more than pleased and could not be happier with the product.  What we chose to do with it was not a normal build and the results turned out to be far beyond our expectations.  This was to be an add on guest quarters to a Tiny Home, we call it “The Bunkhouse.”  We built it on the highest mountain in PA. called Mt. Davis in southern Somerset County.  The professionals who built this were impressed with the quality and ease of construction which should tell you something. The neighbors were impressed too.  After the build, we found we like to hang out in the “Dreamcatcher” more than our Tiny home. While it was not intended to have a kitchen or a bathroom or a sleeping loft, we managed to add those to the interior along with an HV/AC unit, a metal roof and more.  The porch is perfect and the whole unit was built on a slab foundation suitable to support a home.  I did every bit of the design myself down to the millimeter.  Allwood was more than helpful with whole process of selection, delivery and follow up after the sale.

Playhouse Wonderland: by Beth on 10/04/22: We bought this for our granddaughter. It turned out amazing and she loves it!  We did add on a porch so she can also sit outside.


Barrel Sauna #400 WHP: by Matt Zavadil on 9/21/22: Top quality outfit when it comes to customer service. When I needed help assembling the barrel sauna purchased through them, they came through with great help and also were quick to respond. The product itself is a great product.

Barrel Sauna #400 WHP: by Ben H. on 9/04/22: We purchased this product in April of 2022.  Allwoodoutlet was awesome to deal with.  Seriously, the customer service was top notch.  They worked with us to get it delivered in line with our construction schedule (we were building a deck too).  The assembly was straightforward and 2 people can do it in 2 days with minimal tools.  There are some tricks, but reading the instructions and watching similar construction on youtube will do the trick..  The Sauna is great - we got the larger 8KW heater and it gets really really warm.  Delighted with this purchase all around.  A++++


Sunray, Escape and Sommersby Cabin Kit: by Stephen Baldanado on 8/31/22: Great cabins at a great price! I just purchased my fifth cabin (Sommersby) with Allwood Outlet and not only is the product top notch, but Robin is always a ray of sunshine to work with. I have purchased the 5 cabins over the past three or four years and it’s always a pleasure to work with Allwood. I also appreciate all the hard work they do to import a European product here on American soil… Not an easy thing to do! Highly recommend!


Aruba 211 SQF Cabin Kit: by Laura 8/18/22: In a word--fabulous. Both the cabin kit and the customer service were outstanding. It is such a pleasure to work with a company where you have direct access to owners who care about customer relationships and support. Robin was always responsive and helpful if we had questions--both in deciding which kit to buy, and answering a few questions we had along the way as we built it.  We had professionals build our foundation and roofing, and some extra muscle lifting the beams into place. But we (a couple over 60 with moderate skills) did the rest.  The unit is really solid and looks beautiful. We couldn't be happier. (If you are adding the interior room, we think we made one design improvement. The interior room comes with a flat ceiling. Rather than install it--which makes for a low ceiling in the bathroom--we cut extra wall boards to fit flush up to the pitched cabin ceiling.)  


Playhouse Kids Club: by Anne K on 8/08/22: The playhouse is so cute. It took some time to put together, but in the end it is worth it. We have 3 kids, ages 6, 2, and 1. They all love it. It does not take up too much space and when painted the right color blends nicely into our yard. The customer service with the team at Allwood is wonderful as well. We had a few emails exchanged with questions and the responses were prompt and friendly. We would highly recommend!

Solvalla Cabin Kit: 
by Kathy on 7/29/2022: This is the perfect structure for my new art studio to work in! My husband was able to assemble it perfectly. Looks great! Price was good. Delivery was a dream! Great company, great product! Highly recommend.

1.18" x 48" Pine Round Table Top
 by Steve on 7/13/2022: I had accidentally purchased two table tops only needing one got with customer service they refunded my money quickly, I received my table top it was exactly as stated. I was very pleased with it. 


160 Barrel Sauna: by R.T on 6/23/22: Worth the wait, amazing sauna. Sits well in my backyard and its all a hit with my in-laws. 


Bonaire Cabin Kit: by Ryan 6/21/22: I can't thank Allwood enough for the wonderful customer service and a great product. It really transformed a completely unused portion of our backyard. I've already hosted a couple of events in it and everyone loved it. The construction was easy and enjoyable but forced me to do things I wouldn't have done if I had planned it myself. For example, I would have never thought to do a tongue and groove floor and ceiling. The end result is a rustic, beautiful structure that completely does away with modern sheet lumber.   I've been out there during some pretty substantial wind and rain here in Washington and it stays cozy and quiet. The double tongue and groove "logs" are really revolutionary, creating a very tight structure that doesn't need insulation. Opening both of the French doors allows a wonderful cross breeze that cools the inside instantly on hot summer days. The big windows allow tons of light.  I really couldn't be happier with the cabin.


Solvalla Cabin: by Lana on 6/21/22: It was a great experience! Received as promised, our contractor put it together and painted it. It took one person about 3-4 days of work and several more to paint. Very pleased with high quality wood and packaging. We also put electric wiring.  I use it as my studio by the pool. It looks great!

Summerlight Cabin: 
by Eliz S on 4/17/22: This cabin took my dad and myself a day and a half to assemble. The roof took an additional day, and another day was needed to stain it. We added the woodstove soon after. It’s perfect for the Michigan spring and fall. In the winter, it takes an hour to warm up with the woodstove. In the summer, it’s usually about 10° warmer than the outdoor temperature and is only comfortable with all the windows open. (I added another window so there are views from every side.) Despite it’s limitations, I love this thing and it’s my go-to work place during the better seasons of the year.


1.5" x 30" x 60" Birch Table / Island / Counter Top Panel:  by Nolan on 2/25/22: Ordered 1.5x30x60 birch butcher block for a desktop on a maple base. Turned out nice.


V-Groove Premium Pine Planking, 400 sqf: by R.M. on 2/23/22: This wood was absolutely beautiful quality surpassed only by the personalized customer service team who arranged delivery. Will order from this company and recommend to everyone I know.


250 Barrel Sauna: by Buddy on 2/15/22: Absolutely love this sauna. I made it by myself with only help with front and back walls. Customer service was and still is outstanding: any questions I had were answered very promptly. Fit and finish is excellent with only one board with a warp. I’d highly recommend this sauna to any and everyone. Let’s start a sauna movement in the US. 


Chloe Cabin: by Cathy on 1/18/22: This cabin is a beautiful addition to our backyard and was an awesome family project last summer. The wood is gorgeous and the customer service from Allwood was excellent. We had some damaged pieces caused by the forklift that were replaced without any issues. Assembly and finishing took more than a week for us. We were happy with the kit and precut pieces that enabled novices to learn on the job. I recommend the cabin as a beautiful hobby space, and Allwood for the great service!


Rascal Playhouse: by Rlynn on 1/10/22: Our kit arrived in perfect condition.  If anything was missing or instructions were needed, all you had to do is contact the Seller. We got the converted US instructions from them within minutes of asking. We assembled the playhouse fairly easily although being handy to start with helped. Our kids LOVE it and spend countless hours in there. We recommend this product to any family looking for a great addition to the back yard.


Rascal Playhouse: by CMR on 1/10/22: Better then expected!  This was the start of a very magical playhouse for our granddaughters. A bit difficulty understanding the directions, but we were able to overcome that. Fast shipment and delivery service. Great quality!


Scout Playhouse: by Charlie on 1/10/22: Nice product--high quality.   Got this playhouse to use in northern Minnesota.  Gonna transform it into my off grid micro cabin. It sure beats a tent! Haha. Will have a cot, cubic mini woodstove, shelving, and enough underneath area for many extras. Yes really.


330 Barrel Sauna: by Klaus & Vicki B. on 12/31/21: We simply love our Sauna. We purchased it during the COVID lockdown. It sat on our lawn for almost 6 months (we were building a Garage). It was packed and shipped so well that it could have sat there for another 6 months. Following the instructions that came with the Sauna, we put it together in just over a month (working on weekends).  The hardest part was to decide where to put it on the property, we eventually  placed it so that you had easy access to the water with a water view from the front deck that we built onto it. The window in the back behind the stove is absolutely great. We put up some solar lights to light the trees that you can see through the window, beautiful effect. This is our second Sauna and we think that this is the best. The interior design allows the steamto curl down on you in a nice hot even blanket. This is one of the nicest toys that we ever purchased. It will keep us healthy during our cold New England winters.

160 Barrel Sauna: by J. Carpenter on 12/31/21:  EXCELLENT SMALL BARREL SAUNA:   This thing went together fairly easily and heats up well. It tucks away in the corner of my garage without intruding too much. A little water on the rocks makes it about as hot as I can bear for a couple minutes at a time.   The bench position in the middle helps put your head right in the hotter air.  All in all, it is a great little sauna of our order. Delivery guys were great also. Some advice: take inventory as soon as possible and lay out all the parts in the specific locations that they will be assembled. Will save you lots of time later.  We lost a window handle and Allwood sent a replacement right away.


220 Barrel Sauna: by RCP on 12/28/21: I put this together in a couple of days myself and am very happy with the end result.  We live in a very cold climate and use it almost every day.


1.5" x 30" x 84" Birch Table / Island / Counter Top Panel: by David Falls on 12/20/21: I received the butcher block on Tuesday morning.  It looks beautiful. You exceeded my expectations and have been very easy to work with along the way.


Premium Nordic Pine V-Groove Planking 400 SQF: by Renita on 12/15/21: The wood is light weight, just as we wanted. Knotty pine is absolutely beautiful! Would order again.


1.25" x 18" x 60" Birch Table / Island / Counter Top Panel: by Debbie on 12/07/21: BEAUTIFUL. Worked perfect to extend our 50in TV stand to hold a new 75 inch.

Wonderland Playhouse: by C.S. on 12/3/21: This project turned out better than we ever expected!   The design is beautiful and very good quality.  It was a birthday gift for our daughter but now the Wonderland is the favorite of all the neighborhood kids. There is ample room inside for small scale furniture and accessories. Highly recommend this company and product.

Mayflower Cabin: by Susan on 11/20/21: This adorable cabin has been a delight to use as my art studio and guest house. My family helped with assembly and we were all impressed with how it went together so well. Allwood was very communicative and kept us informed of the progress

1" x 18" x 48" Table / Island / Counter Top Panel: by Stanley on 11/17/21: Very easy to work with this seller

0.71" x 48" Pine Round Project Panel: by Annie on 11/11/21: The butcher block construction is thick and luxurious., just porous, fragrant fresh pine! It is our kitchen table now and getting constant use. We love it.

1" x 36" x 60" Table / Island / Counter Top Panel: by Christina on 10/22/21: This is your company if your looking to purchase any butcher block products. Arrived earlier than estimated, and was exactly what I’d hoped for. The block itself is thick and nicely finished, and the colors are evenly distributed throughout, excellent craftsmanship.

Antique Blanc Wall Planking: by Judy on 10/21/21: Lovely company, thank you for great service and communications

Arlanda XXL Cabin: by Cody Garrow on 10/21/21: We received our kit in January of 2021 and I wanted to give it some time before writing an official review. I've now used this building as my office for over 8 months and can honestly say that it has exceeded our every expectation. The kit itself was miraculously easy to build, and although the instructions are a little overwhelming, we found them to be very accurate and informative. Most of our challenges with the building process simply came from bad weather and electricians canceling their appointments. The most unexpected part in all of this was how good the support is - whenever we had a question Robin was extremely helpful & quick to get back to us. I know it seems a little crazy to buy a building on the internet, but it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. We're so proud to have this in our yard and we're confident that it has added a ton of value to our property.

1" x 18" Pine Round Table Top: by Donna on 10/17/21: Beautiful piece of wood that will do very well for my side table restoration project. It is heavy, nicely sanded, and I'm quite pleased with it.

Chloe Cabin: by Joe on 10/06/21: My overall experience with this Chloe kit surpassed my expectations in quality and finished product. I did encounter missing pieces that I was told were not the norm. My customer experience was excellent. Missing pieces were shipped ASAP. Detailed instructions are lacking, but if you take your time to read all of them several times you will get the answers you need. I would definitely buy this kit again and I would buy from Allwood Outlet again.

Mayflower Cabin: by Brenda G on 9/26/21: Love my Mayflower 88. It was easy to build and is very pretty. It was also sized just right for my city’s very strict zoning rules.


Bonaire Cabin: by Peter on 9/23/21: I cannot state more positively my experience with the Allwood Bonaire cabin assembly and just importantly the company and support staff. This was my 1st experience with this product. I am a DIYer, but not a professional in any sense of the term.  Prior to the delivery, I just reviewed the assembly material and watched a couple YouTube videos. The key is to layout all the material prior to any assembly. I was thoroughly impressed with quality of the wood and the amazing accuracy of the precut product. The only required cutting was the floorboards, which made sense. I had a few questions prior to receiving the material and cannot say enough how helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly their customer support was. Robin was a pleasure.  I would highly recommend this product to the DIYers or professionals.  Great experience!


Bonaire Cabin: by Mark on 9/13/21:  Our experience building the Allwood Bonaire Dominica cabin was entirely positive. We had never built a kit-building before.  We separated the parts from the pallets of materials according to where they were going to be used and then simply started assembly.  It went without issue and amazingly didn’t require any cutting of parts, with the exception of very slight trimming of floorboards.  The entire lot of material was of the highest quality wood, designed beautifully and machined perfectly.  None were bowed or twisted- there was not a single part that was unusable. There was no missing hardware, and everything went together smoothly. The doors and windows were sealed double-pane units that were beautifully constructed. I cannot say enough good things about my experience building this beautiful cabin.  Finally, I would add that the customer service was first rate- it was clear they were there to make sure our project was a success.

250 Barrel Sauna: by Kai on 9/11/21: We were pleasantly surprised at how well this was made and the relative ease of assembly. Great value and used often by our family. Good customer support too.


220 Barrel Sauna: by Brian on 9/11/21: Very well made sauna kit -all parts fit together perfectly. Delivery was smooth and well organized.  Thanks for a great product!


1" x 30" x 48" Table / Island / Counter Top Panel: by Ronald Jensen: Great value. Nice butcher block


Estelle 5 Cabin:  by Angie Conley on 8/27/21: We took a chance on this company and on this cabin and couldn't be more pleased!! We built 2 cabins from Allwood in our son's backyard by his pool - these are our “vacation getaway, visit the grandbabies cottages” !! They are perfect in that we can visit our out of state kids and have space of our own.  Quality was great! Robin and staff are beyond helpful.  Love this cabin!!


Olivia Cabin: by Margie on 8/22/21: First and foremost I cannot say enough about the wonderful customer service I received through a few bumps in the road to building Olivia.  Second the quality of the product was outstanding.  From the thermal pain windows and doors to the craftsmanship put into each and every component. Third after studying the plans for several days prior, my 3 (experienced) builders were able to assemble it easily. However it did take 3 days.  Fourth, my crew did decide to substitute a few changes to accommodate Wisconsin weather (i.e. roofing board nails). Finally, everyone that has seen my little cabin has been very impressed! 

Summerlight Cabin: by Fitz on 8/10/21: Outstanding!  All the way around!  From the beginning, Robin was very professional and personable.  She made the whole experience enjoyable.  The truck arrived with the cabin, right when she said it would.  Robin had already given me instructions on the procedure to follow, in the event there were broken items.  I had two broken windows, and a cracked window frame which were repaired at Allwood's cost.  If the European manufacturers are going to continue sending their cabins lightly protected, I would recommend positioning the glass items in a manner that would keep the tie down straps from exerting force on them.  The instructions were basic, but organizing the parts first, then laying out the floor joists really helped. We made it a family project, and it turned out beautifully!  I highly recommend the Summerlight. It's solid, and more spacious that you would think.  

Olivia Cabin: by Marie on 8/10/22: This cabin was a very pleasant surprise and once we got the hang of assembly, it went together very quickly. The wood is lovely and the customer service was excellent. It arrived 2 weeks after ordering and was delivered by a competent driver who carefully unpacked it by hand. We definitely recommend the product and are going to add more Allwood cabins to our property.  These people really care about good service.


Summerlight Cabin: by Joella Stewart on 7/22/21: I can't say enough wonderful things about this company and their product!  Robin was exceptionally helpful and took an extraordinary amount of care to make sure my Summerlight arrived safely and without damage.  She was always available to answer my million questions.  They place a lot of importance on customer service, which sadly is disappearing in business today.  I did have a slab poured before the kit arrived.  I hired a construction crew to put it together, and they did it easily.  I will add this:  With the Summerlight, you will receive a roll of Anti-Dust tape.  There is no reference made to this in the instructions at all.  Please go the tape website that is shown on the inside of the roll.  It needs to be used on both ends of the polycarbonate panels before they are installed to keep them clean!

1.5 x 30 x 60 birch Table Top: by Shawn 7/22/21: I am very pleased with the product. I used it to build a standup desk and it is everything the listing said it was. Would purchase again and would recommend.

1.5 x 48 x 96 birch countertop:  by C. J.  The piece is beautiful quality and exceeded our expectations. Allwood's service was outststanding--after the carrier lost the pallet, they replaced it asap.

Premium Nordic Pine Beaded Wainscot Kit  - 18 Lineal Ft. : by Jeri on 7/22/21: Very nice product. I liked it so much I ordered more to do other rooms.

Aruba 2 Cabin:  by S.B. on 7/11/21: After storing or cabin kit over the fall and winter it is finally built. We had a team of 4 people - they built it in one day. Two of them came back a second day to stain it  inside and out. They also installed our metal roof. I do have one recommendation. It would have helped the crew if there were more specific instructions like the general ones you have. The general instructions resulted in delays in order to figure out the smaller details. Even with those minor issues,  we are very happy with the cabin and would do it all over again. Many thanks !

Aruba Cabin: by Brad F. on 5/25/21: We are so impressed with the quality of this unit.  Every board fits like a glove. Finished in 5 days.  Please send my sincere compliments to the team that built this kit - incredibly easy to assemble and looks amazing.  Builders in the area kept stopping to see what we were doing and were blown away at the high quality.  Looking to buy another unit.   Robin - thank you for giving me the confidence in moving forward with this purchase.

Scout Playhouse: by Lisa on 5/25/21: We put this together in a day and the end result was great. Our kids are so happy and love the playhouse. Wish we had done this much sooner.  Now we're the most popular family on the block....

Palma 3 Cabin/Morava Shed/Bimini Shed: by Oliver Benz on 4/3/21: We absolutely love our new modern cabin, and seriously loved working with Allwood team to create it. They were so attentive, quick to ship and helpful with the entire process from choosing the design, to sending it, to building and more. We plan to work with them plenty times more on new items to the house !  We have since bought a Morava shed and Bimini too!

Getaway Cabin by H.G. on 10/11/19: This is a gorgeous product and very well made. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and haven't seen anything else like it at this price point. It was worth the wait and the customer support throughout the whole process was great. We had difficult conditions for delivery but they made it happen.

Claudia Cabin: by Peter P. on 3/26/19: The products are high quality, outstanding. I was very pleased with it.

Claudia Cabin: by G.V. on 3/28/18:  I would recommend this cabin as a spectacular product for the price.  It is excellent quality and I'm considering buying a second one.  I chose to put plywood on the roof and replaced the door hinges.  I'm very happy with it here in California. 

Claudia Cabin: by Shelly B on 3/20/18: I love this cabin and so does everyone else who sees it!  I built it next to my house to be used as a retail boutique, and people come in just to ask where I got the cabin and who makes it. It's the perfect size for my business and I painted it to match the house.  I didn't need a permit either so that made the process much easier and cost effective. There were some minor issues with hardware but nothing to speak of.  I would highly recommend this product and Allwood Outlet to everyone who's thinking of buying a small cabin kit. 


Rascal Playhouse: by M.A. on 3/18/18:  I absolutely love my, “enchanted cottage.”  It did take quite a bit longer to build because we put a good foundation down, including a water barrier. Also, we put a nice roof on so that it could survive all seasons. Two of us worked for 20 hours to do the above, and then I worked several more hours putting two coats of stain and two coats of paint on the white areas. I also converted the pallets on which the wood was delivered into a front porch. We did redesign the interior because I did not have any children under the age of five. In order to provide more space, we put the ladder on the wall and we placed the loft higher so that there would be more room under it.  I have actually had adults visit the cottage where I served wine and cheese. It is a fabulous addition to the backyard and my grandchildren adore it, as do I.