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Cabin Kit & Shed FAQ and TERMS & CONDITIONS

Is a building permit required ?
We want to be sure your purchase fits your needs, but please be aware that it is solely your responsibility to determine whether or not you will need a building permit and what the requirements are to meet local codes or other rules that apply in your locality. You can contact your local building code authorities for such information and hire a local licensed engineer for assistance. Laws, ordinances, regulations, restrictions, covenants, and other codes or rules that apply to sheds, storage buildings or other outdoor structures vary from state to state and from county to county. Moreover, these codes or rules are also subject to change. Please confirm that the product will meet the local building codes and regulations PRIOR TO MAKING A PURCHASE.

Do you provide financing ?

Allwood has partnered with LightStream, a division of Truist Bank, to provide financing for cabin kits and tiny homes provided the purchase totals at least $5000, with a maximum of $100,000.00. If the cabin or tiny home is less than $5000, you may add other items to your purchase to reach the $5000 minimum required. See more details and links on our Financing Page above.  

What kind of surface should I build the cabin or shed on ?
In all cases and especially for large cabins, a concrete slab foundation is ideal. However, any solid foundation which spreads the construction load over a wide area will work such as gravel and treated timbers, or gravel with cinder or concrete blocks.

Do you do the assembly or provide someone to help me put together my cabin or shed ?
All our kits are do-it-yourself kits and arrive at your home ready to be assembled by you. Each kit comes with an installation manual for assembly which typically consists of drawings with a corresponding parts list. Installation manuals can be also be requested via email. Metric manuals are also available, in case you are more familiar with that measurement system.  We may be able to refer you to a third party assembler depending on your location but currently only have referrals for parts of California.

Is the assembly difficult ?
We recommend having some basic building knowledge and experience before assembling the kits. Skill levels vary greatly so some people find the process straightforward and others have some difficulty.  

Are the instructions easy to follow ?
The instructions are written by the factories in Estonia and FInland, and consist mostly of drawings and a corresponding parts list. We always recommend that you read the instructions before you start so that we can answer any questions you may have.  Depending on the manufacturer, some kits also come with a general assembly manual which applies to all kits that they make. There are also Youtube videos online which show assembly of various models. 

What tools will I need to assemble my cabin or shed ?

Work gloves, safety glasses, level, tape measure, hammer, rubber mullet, screwdriver, pliers, and a ladder. A cordless drill will save assembly time.

How long does it take to assemble ?
For cabins and sheds up to 125 sqf,  it takes about three days with two adults. The general rule is four to  five days for cabins up to 200 sqf. with two adults, and more for larger cabins exclusive of foundation and roofing. The type of building site and the foundation may save or add extra days. We always recommend two people. PLEASE assemble the kit as soon as possible after delivery to avoid warping which can occur due to humidity and climate conditions. Allwood is not liable for this phenomenon when kits have been delivered in good condition. It is your responsibility to protect all wooden components from weather and damage once they are in your possession.

Can I take my cabin or shed apart and build it again somewhere else ?
Yes, it is possible to tear down your shed / cabin and build it again, but we do not recommend doing it. If you plan to move later, then avoid nails and use screws instead. Even if you carefully take the structure apart, it is reasonable to expect that you will need to replace the floor boards. 

Can I paint or stain my new cabin or shed ?
You must paint or treat your building soon after it is assembled in order for the warranty to apply. Paint or stain will help to protect your new building against the weather conditions. Three coats of stain or two coats of paint are best.

Are the cabins insulated? 

No, they consist of one layer of wood. For small to mid-size cabins, you can add insulation by purchasing your own studs, filler and another layer of interior wall material. We do not sell these materials. For some of the "made to order" large models, you may purchase the insulation kit option shown in the listing which consists of the studs, extra layer of wood and modified jambs for windows and doors.  

Will I need to spend a lot of time on maintenance of my cabin or shed ?
For safe and long term use of your new shed, we recommend that you maintain and inspect it at least once a year. You should pay attention to the paint, roof construction, covering material, and door/window/foundation fastenings. It is very important to make sure that the area underneath the cabin is well ventilated.

What is your return, damage & refund policy ?
You are required to conduct an inventory of all parts and notify us in writing of any damaged or missing parts within 7 days of delivery.  If you are not satisfied with the cabin or shed for reasons other than damage, you may return it to a warehouse of our choice in its original package within 14 Days of delivery for a refund provided that assembly has not commenced. Credit will be issued after the kit is returned and inspected. Refunds will reflect deductions for shipping charges to and from your address, (if applicable) meaning that two shipping rates may be charged.  If free shipping was initially provided, our actual shipping costs will be charged to you and deducted. There will also be a 15% restocking fee on all returns which is calculated based on the purchase price, not the shipping fees. Return shipments sent without written Return Authorization from us will not be accepted for return at all. Shipments returned out of their original packaging will be charged an additional 20% on return. Purchaser will also be charged for any missing or damaged parts as a result of their handling of the product. If assembly has commenced, cabin kits cannot be returned unless they are significantly damaged and incapable of being repaired or cured with replacement parts, which will be determined solely by Allwood after inspection.

In all claims of damage, you must notify Allwood within 7 days of receipt in order to be entitled to replacement parts free of charge.  Note that severe warping can occur over time in certain climate conditions for which we are not responsible if you have not reported this type of damage within 7 days. If any parts you receive appear to be damaged, we have the sole discretion to determine whether they are usable, and the option to repair or replace them, or to offer you compensation for repairs that you do yourself. Mild warping of some wooden boards is not uncommon and will almost always straighten out.  This is not considered grounds for a refund or return until reasonable efforts have been made to straighten them out. We will advise you how best to do this after receiving email notice and photos of the same. You must also provide a copy of the serial numberof your kit which is found on the manual enclosed inside and/or on the label attached to the exterior of the crate.  In that wood is a natural material, certain defects and imperfections will always be present and others can occur in transit. Partially broken or cracked T & G grooves are likewise not grounds for return of cabins or sheds as long as the pieces can be interlocked with other boards.  Where window glass is broken, you are required to obtain local estimates for our review, and if approved we will reimburse you for the repair cost. 

We urge you to conduct an inventory prior to commencing assembly or scheduling assembly by a third party. If you fail to do this, we are not responsible for any delays or costs you experience as a result of having to wait for replacement parts or repairs.

What is your cancellation policy ?
Your standard cabin order may be cancelled before the cabin kit has been shipped or prepared for shipping from our warehouse.  If we have ordered a cabin for you that was not in stock, you must wait until it has been resold to receive a refund.  Orders that are not cancelled, or orders refused by the customer at delivery, will be subject to all actual roundtrip shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee. This also applies to orders where the customer is not home at the time of delivery and the package is returned to our company. If you ordered the special treatment of FDAT, and you cancel after the factory has commenced production, you will not receive a full refund even if resold. The sum of $1000 will be deducted since the cabin may never sell or may be unsold for a prolonged period of time. Custom cabins with other modifications are not subject to this cancellation policy and certain fees for drawings will apply and be deducted from the deposit.

Can my order be cancelled by you ?  Yes, Allwood reserves the right to cancel any order for reasons it deems appropriate including, but not limited to, uncooperative behavior or unreasonable demands of the buyer regarding delivery or other material issues, undisclosed difficult terrain at the delivery site, attempts to alter the original agreement made at the time of sale, and attempts to impose deadlines on delivery dates based upon buyer's own personal plans for construction.  

Do you provide a warranty ?

Yes, all of our cabins and sheds come with a 2 or 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty depending on the model.

What does the limited warranty include and how long is it ?
Please refer to the manuals page to read about the details of the warranties for your particular product. 

Do you charge sales tax ?

There is no sales tax collected on any order shipped outside of Florida.  A standard 7.0% Sales Tax will be added to all shipments within the state of Florida. Tax Exempt Organizations should send us resale certificates after placing your order.

How long will it take to receive my order ?
Orders for in stock models are usually processed and shipped within 21 days. Please allow extra time for models 200+ sqf since they take longer to crate. Depending on your location the processing and transit time will vary.  Lead time for cabin models not stocked and/or larger cabins usually customized are shown in the listings but please ask us for the most up to date information. NOTE: Due to Covid-19 conditions, normal shipping and delivery dates do not apply. Current lead time for mid to large cabins is 6-7 months.

How will you deliver my order ?
Due to Covid-19 conditions and astronomical increases in freight costs, we can no longer offer free curbside delivery of cabins.  Prices vary depending on local trucker rates and size of the cabin pallets. You may also make your own arrangements for pick up. Please contact us for details pertaining to your  zip code.

Our largest cabins are delivered by semi trucks and the use of forklifts. Small and midsize cabin/shed kits sold on the West Coast are shipped to warehouses and then a local 3rd party carrier will deliver it to your curbside or building site.  If you are on the East Coast, the cabin will be delivered by a private carrier. We do NOT use trucks with lift loaders. In some instances, the carrier will MANUALLY unload and restack the parts at the destination within 50 ft from the vehicle. This will enable you to inspect the contents and ensure that everything is in good condition. Sometimes, the carrier will be able to offload the crate(s)  unopened. Location and method of actual unloading is at our and the carrier's discretion based on safety considerations. Please note that delivery only applies to addresses accessible by our trucks with paved roads within the US borders and excludes ferry trips to islands. Any difficult or unusual delivery conditions are the responsibility of the buyer. Lastly, we do not remove or dispose of the packing materials if a crate is unpacked for you, nor do we provide tarps. 

Do you provide delivery confirmation ?
We do our best to arrange convenient delivery dates and give you as much advance notice as possible of the ETA. However, all orders must be combined with others in your area in order to lower freight costs.

Will my item look exactly like the picture on your website once assembled?
We make every effort to provide high quality images to assist you in choosing an appropriate product. However, please note images may vary in color depending on your screen settings. If exact color is critical to you,  we recommend contacting us and we will try to provide more information. Some images are provided as examples only with regard to amenities, decor and/or packaging.  

Can I make modifications to larger cabins? Certain models can be modified depending on the factory. Modifications do not extend to square footage or shape,  but pertain to windows, doors and interior room size. You must submit drawings for approval by the factory.  There will be a non-refundable charge of $1000 for more than 2 rounds of drawings, and this can be applied to your final purchase.  More than 2 drafts of drawings will be charged at an additional sum determined at the discretion of Allwood based in part on engineer time spent and is also non-refundable,  and may be deducted from deposits paid.  Smaller cabins cannot be modified at all by the factories under any circumstances. Once an order has been placed and production has commenced, there are no refunds of deposits and payment will be due in full for the whole cabin since it is a unique item that can not be re-sold.

GOVERNING LAW AND ATTORNEY'S FEES All claims arising from transactions with Allwood Outlet shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Jurisdiction shall lie exclusively in the courts of Palm Beach County. The prevailing party in any litigation shall be entitled to recover attorney's fees and reasonable costs in connection therewith. 

FORCE MAJEUREIn the case of failure to perform any agreement for sale of a cabin or shed due to force majeure, neither party shall be liable for such failure, and the agreement/order shall be terminated automaticallyForce majeure means any unforeseeable circumstance which is beyond the control of a Party, or any unavoidable event, even if foreseeable, as a result of which such Party is unable to perform its obligations, in whole or in part, under the orignal sales agreement. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, any strike, factory closure, explosion, maritime peril, natural disaster, act by a public enemy, fire, flood, accident, war, insurgence, pandemic condition, global shipping delay, shipping price increase greater than 10%, shortage of lumber or price increase greater than 10%, or any other similar event.