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Harvia M3 SL wood burning sauna heater *** FREE SHIPPING ***

The SL models are designed for people who want to conveniently heat their sauna from another room or outside the building. The opening direction of the door can be changed, making these stoves even easier to use. SL and Boiler stoves provide great bathing in small and medium-sized saunas. Boiler stoves can be connected to a separate water tank.

This model can be equipped with a pipe mounted water heater. Harvia M3 SL comes with two boxes of genuine Harvia sauna stones.

Item details:
Size: 15-3/8" wide x 17" deep + 8-5/8" x 28" high collar
Color: Galvanized Metal Black 
Weight: 110 lbs
Ideal for sauna rooms from 159 cubic feet to 459 cubic feet
Stone capacity: 90 lbs
Chimney outlet location: top 
Maximum firewood length: 6" diameter x 13-3/4"
Available accessories for Harvia M3SL heater model:
Harvia steel chimney kit - Part WHP1500
Harvia Chimney pipe extension 19-5/8" (500 mm) - Part WHP500
Harvia Chimney pipe extension 39-3/8" (1000 mm) - Part WHP1000
Harvia pipe water heater - Part WP220ST
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