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Enjoy the relaxing outdoor tub without the cost of a high electricity bill. Do it the Scandinavian way with the wood fired heater.

DeeLux 200 is the new top-of-the line addition to our family of wood tubs. All wood parts are made from Nordic Spruce which is Thermally Treated and Flakseed oiled. The wood fired heater is now encapsulated as part of the tub structure. This 6'6" (200 cm) diameter and 36" (92 cm) deep soaking tub will comfortably seat 5 adults. It comes with an easy-to-maintain vinyl liner with molded seating. The liner eliminates potential bacteria growth since the water does not touch the wood. And the liner also works as an extra layer of insulation, maintaining the water temperature much longer than those old generation tubs. You will also appreciate of how quiet this tub is. You may hear the wood crackling inside the heater but not the noisy pump. Due to the natural Thermosiphon cycling method, neither motor nor electricity are needed.  Off the grid? No problem, this tub can be set up anywhere. Finally, you do not need to be a carpenter. This is not a kit. Apart from setting the base for the heater and the tub and connecting the tubes, no assembly is needed.

  • Wood frame is 1-5/8" high density Thermally Treated / Flaxseed Oiled Nordic Spruce
  • Vinyl Liner with molded seating (white)
  • Vinyl top cover (white)
  • Aluminum wood heater
  • Stainless steel chimney with spark guard
  • Aprx. 250 gallon water capacity
  • 2-step platform
  • Pallet measurements 80"H x 108" L x 42" W
  • Pallet weight 530 lbs
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FAQ: How long does it take to heat up the water? ANSWER: First time it takes 2 - 2-1/2 hours depending on the moisture content  and the type (hardwood vs. softwood) of the firewood. Also depending on the outside temperature.  

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