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Small & Midsize Cabin Kits

Brand: Palmako Model: CAB-CHLOE-AO
Allwood Chloe is a popular cottage styled kit cabin made from high quality Nordic wood. Chloe makes an ideal pool house, guest house, beach or garden cottage or even a stand-alone retail building. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 3-4 days with two handy adults. Directions in t..
Brand: Allwood Model: Mayflower Base-AO
Allwood Mayflower Base is a sister model of the popular Mayflower (on wheels) cabin. Basically it is the very same product without the wheels, stairs and the flower boxes. This cozy cabin will be a focal point of any garden or yard. It is built from high quality Nordic wood. Assembly of this so..
Brand: Allwood Model: Allwood Mayflower-AO
Allwood Mayflower is a modern interpretation of the wagon without the arduous journey to the West. This cozy cabin will be a focal point of any garden or yard, and can be used as a tiny home, guest house, granny flat or home office. It is built from high quality solid Nordic wood. Assembly of t..
Brand: Allwood Model: CAB-Escape
The Escape is back after a hiatus for 2 years now that we found an even better manufacturer !  This was our most popular high quality multi purpose solid wood cabin. Versatile Escape can be your home office, yoga or music studio, wine tasting room, pool/lake house or a guest cottage. ..
Brand: Luoman Model: CAB-ANNIKA
For a while we've been working on a cabin plan which would be suitable for corner assembly in a smaller yard.  We think Annika is the answer,  with its Pentagon shaped floor plan and cathedral type roof design typically seen in pavilions.  The wood species is Nordic Pine unlike ..
Brand: Palmako Model: CAB-BIMINI
Allwood Bimini is a multi purpose storage addition intended for flat roof cabins. Or any structure for that matter. Bimini consists three walls:  front wall with door, back wall and the long side wall. Assemble it against the existing wall of the main structure and you have 24 sqf storage unit ..
Brand: Palmako Model: CAB-JAVA
Allwood Java is a free standing 4-wall multi purpose shed. It can also be added to certain cabin kit models or other structures. Java can store your bikes and garden tools,  or be used as a  bathroom or hobby room. Like all our cabin kits,  Java is made from high quality Nordic wood. ..
Brand: Palmako Model: Bartini-Bar
Introducing Allwood Bartini. Perfect for the ultimate She-Shed or Man-Cave. Be the perfect host/hostess to your relatives and friends with your very own bar. made of solid Nordic spruce, the same wood used for our cabin kits. Compliments the decor of any cabin kit model but also looks good..
Brand: Palmako Model: Canopy-Roof-AO
Add storage on the side or back of your cabinEasy to set up (or take apart if you move)Matches with the wall planks of any Allwood or Lillevilla cabin modelThis listing is for 8' wide open canopy roof storage.  10" is sold out and discontinued. Under the AVAILABLE OPTION..
Brand: Lasita Model: Allwood Internal Room Kit
One of the top 5 questions we hear regarding our one room cabin kits is "can I add a bathroom."   The answer is yes and you have a choice of 2 sizes.  Allwood Internal Room Kit #15 and #22 are rectangular L shape wall additions that can be used to make a bathroom. The n..
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