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TherMod Plus Planter Description:

Unique TherMod Plus planter footprint is 62" x 62" and this model is designed as stand alone planter for square spaces. A focal point of any patio or garden, Plus is also sold to commercial landscaping customers. Like all Thermod products, this planter is made from Thermally modified wood. Thermal Modification is a process where wood is "cooked" at high temperatures. The result is a rot, mold and insect resistant wood fiber WITHOUT CHEMICALS. Planters made from this material are ideal for organic gardening and have a life span of 25 years or more, i.e. more than three times of cedar.

This planter assembles and unassembles in minutes using a system of interlocking pieces. No hardware is needed. Each board has a reversible surface. You can choose the grooved or plain face of boards to face outward. Suitable for indoors or outdoors. The planters can also be customized by adding finials, legs, a  lid in the middle and connecting bench(es) and planter(s). With accessories this planter can be made to fit any style. If you ever move, you can and will want to take it with you.

TherMod Plus Planter Features:

  • No Chemicals
  • Resistant to insects and pests
  • Will not mold and is maintenance free
  • Ideal for organic gardening.
  • Assembles in minutes (Interlocking solid wood boards)
  • Reversible surface ( grooved or plain)
  • May be painted
  • Can be customized for higher or lower height

Many add-ons available: legs and/or lid, connecting bench(es) and planter(s).

TherMod Plus Specifications:

  • Thermally Modified Solid Pine Wood
  • Boards Thickness: 1"
  • Net Width: 62"
  • Net Length: 62"
  • Net Height: 15”

TheMod Plus is a plus (+) sign shaped planter made by combining four TherMod Solo3 planers together. This planter can be re-assembled as four individual Solo3 planter boxes.

Finish: Unfinished. If you prefer maintaining the rich darker hardwood color tone, we recommend a coat of light stain. Without coating Thermal Wood will gradually return back to lighter wood color tone.

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