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Artiste Bordeaux Pine Wall Planking | 120 SQF

Introducing the inaugural 'vintage' of Allwood Artiste Bordeaux Pine. Just like that more famous Bordeaux region bottled product, this one is also unique. Due to its rich resin content, Bordeaux Pine takes on a whole new look when charred with flame. Add modern moulding technology, custom prestain, plus a couple of other 'pinemaker secrets' and the result is truly aesthetic wall planking.   

Allwood Artiste product specification: 

  • Micro beveled Tongue & Groove
  • End matched 
  • Thickness 3/8"
  • Width 3-7/8"
  • Length 78-3/4"
  • Prestained and ready to install as is
  • This listing is for 60 pcs | 394 lineal ft. | 120 sqf

Recommended installation method is with adhesive, nails or Peel-and-Stick tape. 



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