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Organic Gardening planter | TherMod Mira2

TherMod Mira2 combines utility scale 12.2 cubic feet soil capacity with good looks.  This versatile planter set can also be set up as three separate planters or a set where the center box becomes a bench. With three separate compartments, it is possible to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs together. Like all TherMod products, Mira2 is made from Thermally Modified Wood. During high temperature Thermal Modification process cycle, all nutrients and sugars are "cooked off" from the wood. Nothing left for decay and mold to feast. The result is wood fiber with 25 year or longer life span WITHOUT any harmful chemicals. Which make this safe material for organic growing.  Modular concept allows you to add parts like finials, leg pads and connecting benches later.

If you prefer maintaining the rich darker hardwood color tone, we recommend a coat of light stain. Without coating Thermal Wood will gradually return back to lighter wood color tone.

  • Measurements: 76" W x 22" L x 27" H  
  • Made from Thermally Modified Wood by PEFC Certified Manufacturer
  • NO CHEMICALS USED TO TREAT WOOD. Resistant to insects and pests, will not mold and is maintenance free. Ideal for organic gardening
  • Modular product with reversible surface - choose the grooved or plain face of boards to face outward
  • Aprx. soil capacity 12.2 cubic feeet

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