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Harvia Protective Shields

Harvia Protective Shields
Harvia Protective Shields

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    Harvia Protective shields decrease the safety distance from the heater to the combustible materials. The shields attach directly to the stove and shape around it. Each heater model has its own specific shield. Shields can be purchased only as a 3 piece kit.
    This listing is for the WL450 3-pieces set for the model Harvia M3 heater. The following shields for the other heater models can be found under AVAILABLE OPTIONS menu:
    WL 450 3 piece kit for M3 & M3 SL
    WL 475 3 piece kit for 16
    WL550 3 piece kit for 20, 20SL, & 20DUO
    WL650 3 piece kit for 20ES
    WL750 3 piece kit for 26
    WL850 3 piece kit for 36 & 36DUO



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