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0.47" (15/32") x 48" x 60" Pine Project Panel

Allwood Project Panels are made from slow grown Furniture Grade Nordic pine.  These versatile panels can be used for engraved signs, art media, shelving, furniture and cabinet material and for many other applications. This product can be stained, waxed and painted. Or for that natural look, simply apply multiple coats of vegetable oil.Made from glued solid wood strips (lamella)

  • Factory sanded and ready to use
  • Net size 0.47" x 48" x 60"
  • Item weight 32 lbs

FAQ: I need a different size but there is no listing for it. ANSWER: Simply order the next bigger standard item and request it to be cut to your custom size. If you need size 39" x 43" (for instance), you would order 48" x 60" and ask it to be cut to 39" x 43" size. See AVAILABLE OPTIONS menu. 

Please note that if Rounded corners option is chosen, the net size of the item will be 1/2" narrower and 1/2" than the listed standard size. This is because the CNC machine will first need to calibrate the piece so that the Rounded corners look symmetrical. If you already chose smaller Custom size minimum 1/2" narrower and 1/2" shorter, Routed corners will have no impact on those dimensions.


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