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Firewood booster pack with 64 fire starters | Free shipping

At Allwood,  we do customization work on table tops and many other items which generate a lot of remnants and off-cuts. In fact, there is so much volume that after all these years we decided to put them to good use instead of discarding them.  So now we are cutting them to 11" long pieces and packing them in 12" x 12" x 24" boxes. Every box contains 64 parafin dipped wood starters and an assortment of birch, pine, spruce and even thermally treated wood remnants. This kiln dried wood burns at high temperature. You can also mix it with other firewood not yet dry enough to be burned alone.     . 

   Product Weight (each box): 42 - 45 lbs

  • Box dimensions:
  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 12"
  • Height: 12"



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