1.5" Birch Half Round Table Tops - ALL SIZES

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Allwood Birch rounds, half rounds and quarter rounds are made from Furniture Grade Baltic Birch. This material is commonly preferred by woodworkers due to it's superior fiber quality, whiteness and stability. We do not use Chinese birch, Yellow birch or any other lesser quality birch species. Half rounds are commonly used as table tops, store displays, art/media components and for many other applications. This product can be stained, waxed and painted or simply coated with several applications of vegetable oil. The product is intended for indoor use but when properly coated, it can be used outdoors too, as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

There are 4 edge options available.

Two half rounds can be combined to make a full round table. Hardware is not included but clamp sets can be purchased at your local home center or hardware store. Or you can Google 'table leaf locks' and find several online hardware vendors.

  • Finish: Unfinished

  • Net thickness: 6/4" (1.5")

  • Net sizes: see the AVAILABLE OPTIONS MENU

  • Factory sanded 140 grit. Ready to be used as is.

FAQ: I need a custom size. Is that possible? ANSWER: Yes, custom size is possible. Just order the next standard size. For instance, if you need 51" diameter, just order 54" standard size and ask it to be cut to 51". There is no extra.FAQ: Can this be stained to look like Walnut? ANSWER: Absolutely. White Birch stains well. With Walnut stain you will get a Walnut look at the fraction of Walnut wood cost.



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