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Antique Blanc Wall Planking | 84 SQF

Introducing Bordeaux Pine wall planking product Antique Blanc. This is a brand new Allwood product made in the greater Bordeaux wine region. Antique Blanc is wire brushed and prestained with a matte chalk white color. The brushing adds a three dimensional wood grain accent. Antique Blanc looks truly elegant with accent lights when installed vertically. It is equally home in residential and commercial surroundings.   

Allwood Antique Blanc product specification: 

  • Micro beveled Tongue & Groove
  • End matched 
  • Thickness 3/8"
  • Width 3-7/8"
  • Lengths random from 12" to 47-1/4"
  • Prestained and ready to be installed as is
  • Shipment consists 283 lineal ft. | 84 square feet

Recommended installation method is with adhesive, nails or Peel-and-Stick tape. 



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