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1.5" x 28" Birch Round Table Top

Allwood Edge Glued Birch Round panels are used as table tops, baking /pizza boards, cutting boards, store displays and for many other applications. We only use slow grown Baltic Birch which is commonly considered as superior birch species by furniture manufacturers. This product can be stained, waxed, painted or simply coated with several applications of vegetable or citrus oil. Face of this product is free of knots. Back allows small sound knots and some discoloration.        

28" Birch Round Panel Specifications:

  • Factory sanded 100 grit. Ready to be used as is.
  • Edge Glued Solid lamella birch product (NOT a plywood / MDF / particle board with veneer face and back)
  • Net Thickness: 1-1/2"
  • Net Diameter: 27-15/16" 
  • Item weight: 20 lbs

FAQ: I need a custom size table top but there is no listing for it. A: simply order the next bigger standard size (for example 36" if your custom size is 33"), then email us your order number and request the item to be cut to your custom size. There is no extra cutting fee but please note that custom cut items can be exchanged but not returned.


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